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Savyoney Ramat Sharet - Holyland

Savyoney Ramat Sharet

A family oriented project surrounded by open spaces and parks.  The young vibrant community includes a selection of schools and kindergartens.














Savyoney Arnona

A luxury residential project located only 5 minutes from Baka in one of the most desirable neighborhoods for the dati-leumi (modern orthodox) community.










Ben Maimon, Rechavia

The project is a boutique housing project located in central Jerusalem.









King David's Crown

An exclusive and resplendent residential project, a once-in-a-life-time combination of innovativeness and a modern life style, located at the very heart of classic Jerusalem.





Har Homa - Homat Shmuel

A relatively new community in Jerusalem. The popularity of Homat Shmuel stems from its close proximity to the center of Jerusalem, its affordable housing and suburban atmosphere. Many small and large parks as well as playgrounds can be found throughout the city. A picturesque promenade, encircling the hillside, connects the larger parks together. Many apartments which face southwest have a view of Herodian.