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For Sale

Hayarkon - RBS A

4 1/2 rooms


Covered parking

Option for chalal

Private entrance


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Property Listing - Sales - Rentals:

Property no.4263
Ramat Beit Shemesh A, Dolev
Rooms: 8
Price: 2,600,000 NIS

8 room

30 sqm balcony


To view video  https://youtu.be/_A7FsRsuyoQ

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Property no.5087
Ramat Shilo, Ein Gedi
Rooms: 8
Price: 3,200,000 NIS

Beautifully renovated and spacious family home in Ramat Shilo.

8 rooms with a large kitchen.

A light and airy property with a garden.

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Property no.5098
Ramat Shilo, Ein Gedi
Rooms: 5
Price: 2,300,000 NIS

Stunning 5 room apartment in Ramat Shiloh.

Fully renovated.

Huge balcony with panoramic view.

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Property no.5160
Jerusalem, Chevron
Rooms: 0
Price: 0 NIS

A luxury residential project located only 15 minutes from Baka in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, benefiting from its high-class residents, community services of the highest standard, synagogues, and proximity to various commercial centers, sports complexes and prestigious educational institutions.

The project is surrounded by a lush green park, far from the bustle of the main road.  

Two 15 storey buildings featuring spectacular architecture, a lavish lobby, a residents' club, and optimal design.  

Choose from spacious 2-5 bedroom apartments, including garden apartments and penthouses, all outfitted to the highest technical specifications to provide a residential experience that sets a new standard for quality of life while still attending to even the smallest details.  










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Property no.5179
Ramat Shilo, Yerushalayim
Rooms: 10
Price: 3,000,000 NIS

Beautiful 7 room house with 4 room rental unit.

A warm family home with many unique design elements located in the heart of a warm community.



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Property no.5269
Rooms: 0
Price: 14,000,000 NIS

Spacious penthouse in luxury project in the Talbiyeh neighborhood.

190 sqm. with 60 sqm. terrace.  

Stunning views of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Property no.5364
Ramat Beit Shemesh A, Katlav
Rooms: 4.5
Price: 1,510,000 NIS

4 1/2 room apartment 

Low floor

2 balconies

Upgraded kitchen



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Property no.5442
Ramat Shilo, Ein Gedi
Rooms: 4
Price: 2,100,000 NIS
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Property no.5518
Gimmel 2, Green Avenue
Rooms: 3
Price: 0 NIS

Specs English

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Property no.5568
Ramat Shilo, Ein Gedi
Rooms: 5
Price: 2,090,000 NIS

5 room 

Beautifully renovated

Huge mirpeset with open view

2 machsanim

Rental unit

Watch the VIDEO!

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Property no.5642
Neve Michael,
Rooms: 8
Price: 2,900,000 NIS

Beautiful villa surrounded by large garden.

Beautiful pastoral view.

Rental unit.

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Property no.5657
Ramat Beit Shemesh A, Noam
Rooms: 6
Price: 3,400,000 NIS

6 room cottage in central location.

Includes basement & pesach kitchen.

2 minute walk from medical center, pharmacy, supermarkets, buses.

Open view.  

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Property no.5672
Ramat Beit Shemesh G, Neria Hanavi
Rooms: 5
Price: 2,100,000 NIS

6 room cottage

Rental unit


Beautifully upgraded

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Property no.5704
Ramat Beit Shemesh G, Elisha Hanavi
Rooms: 6
Price: 1,850,000 NIS

6 room duplex



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Property no.5769
Ramat Shilo, Be'er Sheva
Rooms: 5
Price: 2,080,000 NIS

Beautiful  5 room duplex

Large balcony

Private entrance- No steps to get in

Close to the shopping center

Double covered parking

Storage room

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Property no.5820
Ramat Beit Shemesh G, Yoel Hanavi
Rooms: 4
Price: 1,580,000 NIS

4 rooms 



Ground Floor

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Property no.924
Ramat Beit Shemesh A, Maor
Rooms: 6
Price: 3,000,000 NIS
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Property no.1920
Ramat Beit Shemesh A, Lachish
Rooms: 4.5
Price: 1,400,000 NIS
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