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Is living in a High Rise right for you?

A high-rise apartment, generally considered to be those with 10 or more stories, may be ideal!But before you pack your things for an elevator ride to that de-luxe apartment in the sky, consider the pros and cons to be sure it’s right for you.

1. You’ll be surrounded

Life in any apartment complex means lots of neighbors, but in a high-rise, it can feel a little more pronounced. They’ll be on all sides, above and below, and it can feel a little cramped or claustrophobic for some folks when their front door opens to a hallway rather than a breezeway.You could have loud neighbors you find bothersome or your lifestyle could be a nuisance to one of them. Do you play an instrument? Have a dog? Cook fragrant foods? Would you have a problem if your neighbors did? These are all factors to consider before taking that unit in the sky.

2. Space is limited

Life in a high-rise often means a serious paring-down of your possibly pack rat-esque ways. On the positive side, streamlining your life and possessions can be super liberating. On the negative, you might be pretty attached to your stuff.Most high-rise buildings have storage units available for bulky things you may not need all the time, such as a bicycle or camping equipment, though it often costs extra. Make sure you’re either willing to part with some of your stuff or able to pony up for a space in which to keep it.

3. Pet protocol

While there are plenty of high-rise apartments that allow for pets, there can be restrictions you might not know about (exotic animals, for example), so be aware of the policy ahead of time.Similarly, if you’re a dog owner used to the convenience of a yard, you’ll no longer be able to simply let Rover out the back door. Just getting downstairs and out the door can be more of a ceremony than you or your pet is up for, especially on a slushy Monday morning in February! If you don’t mind the haul, you’ll at least want to be sure there’s an adequate area in the vicinity of the building to allow for a pleasant walk.

4. Getting high

If you’re into parkour or fitness, lots of stairs will be a great benefit! And if you’re not? Well, there will certainly be an elevator to get you where you need to go. Does the building you’re considering have enough of them? Are they fast enough? Waiting for an elevator, particularly on weekday mornings when everyone is headed out at similar times, may add to your overall commute.Are you germaphobic? Do you enjoy the random conversation that can occur when you find yourself in a small space with a friendly neighbor or are you naturally introverted? All things to think about.

5. City convenience vs. green appeal

Most high-rise apartments are located in urban areas, which means the perks of city living will likely be nearby. These could include public transportation and lots of nearby amenities like restaurants, bars, parks and other service-oriented businesses you’ll enjoy frequenting.Getting a rolling cart or green bag and walking to the market can be a joy for some! Similarly, if you enjoy more green space, whether that means right out the door or visible from your third-floor-max window, a low-rise apartment may be more your cup of tea.
Photo by Louis Wai on Unsplash
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